About Us

As the luxury hospitality industry burgeoned, the need for a broader range of specialized communications services grew as well. With hospitality running in our DNA, we capitalized on this opportunity and launched Verve - a bespoke creative agency specializing in hospitality PR, marketing and social media.

Our Philosophy

Classically defined as ‘public relations’, at Verve, our take is more personal as we focus on understanding every client’s characteristic sensibilities and adroitly tailor make PR campaigns that yield the long-term rewards of broader awareness, greater loyalty among customers, and enhanced image.

Our Work

Verve works with clients to produce an extensive collection of successful campaigns – ranging from luxury hotels, resorts, destinations and restaurant launches to wellness brands and culinary events. Satisfaction is our ultimate goal, be it our clients or their customers; and over the years we have built strong working relationships within the world of luxury lifestyle and travel PR.