At VERVE, we provide representation for luxury hotels and brands around the region with an integrated approach to cultivating fresh, creative and thoughtful media campaigns. We use a powerful blend of traditional publicity, social & digital media outreach and strategic partnerships seeding to reach the hearts, minds and spirits of target consumers.

We take the time to understand each client individually, providing the same drive and dedication that a hotel would demand of itself. With first-hand knowledge of the hospitality industry, combined with vast experience in the luxury travel sector, we at VERVE save time and effort for our clients by advising, recommending and delivering effective creative solutions for even the most detailed requirements. We are extremely sensitive about delivering a tailored approach that can shield our client’s brand and protect the company reputation in the event of challenging times.

Verve also offers bespoke and tailored services to boutique hotels and other travel related products and services.


At VERVE, we believe that PR has never been about mass mailing of press releases. Through our collective expertise and experience, we apply insight and innovation to create strategic creative customized programmes that deliver measurable results for our clients.


Our work has led us to some of the most enduring relationships in the business, as we work with each client’s specific characteristics. We maximize exposure with innovative ideas and follow through with precise execution, integrating market intelligence to facilitate a tangible difference to the brand’s bottom line. Our focus markets lie within the GCC.


We work individually with each client to develop a strategy to gain maximum impact across the Middle East markets.


Verve has an established & proven track record with the Arab Media, as our media focus spans the markets of GCC countries. Powerful relationships with influencers amplify our influence and the results of our work speak for themselves with deep appreciation from our clients over the years.


We help shape and define opinions, and therefore we continuously explore and secure targeted promotion & partnership opportunities (including loyalty programmes) aligning our clients with like-minded organizations tapping into new sectors of potential customers.


In the business of PR, it is a given that it’s not about what you know, but who you know. At Verve, we create the necessary buzz and establish a brand in the right industry circles. We design campaigns that provide access to the region’s most influential and interesting people who nudge the brand into a realm that cannot be reached with traditional media.


Gone are the days of one-way communication from a brand to its people. Today it is all about engaging the customer in a two-way conversation. From Facebook newsfeeds to Twitter and Instagram updates to TripAdvisor reviews, people are constantly talking and sharing. That is why we have a dedicated focus on digital marketing services – In English and Arabic, which include branding and strategy, design and production, web development and social media marketing.


The organization of media promotions, launches, lectures, public appearances, events and exhibits for clients, is an integral part of our service offering. We leverage awareness and facilitate introductions of important liaisons through our strong ties with the region’s key influencers.